At Avantier, we take immense pride in the quality of our optics. Our confidence in our capabilities allows us to offer some of the finest optics in the industry. We understand the challenges faced when choosing a supplier without inspecting their products firsthand. To address this concern and demonstrate our commitment to your satisfaction, we have devised a win-win solution: the First Article for Inspection (FAI) option.

Here’s how FAI works:

FAI stands for First Article Inspection and is an excellent choice if you seek an alternative supplier for an existing product or wish to secure the lowest unit price by ordering in bulk and inspecting sample pieces for quality approval.

It’s essential to note that FAI is not meant for prototypes. It can only be provided for a finalized design, where no specification changes are allowed. FAI solely serves the purpose of quality inspection.

By opting for FAI, you can skip the small orders for quality testing, thus saving money in the long run.

Upon receiving the FAI samples, you will have 30 days to perform the necessary testing and inspections to ensure they meet your specifications and pass your acceptance criteria, based on the agreed upon specifications during the RFQ/quotation process.


      • In the unlikely event that Avantier fails to meet the acceptance criteria during the FAI, you have the option to cancel the entire order, and a credit will be issued accordingly. We stand behind our products 100% and guarantee that they will meet the specified requirements.

      • Once the FAI is approved (within 30 days after sample receipt), the remaining order will be delivered according to the pre-confirmed delivery schedule per order confirmation.

    • Please note that any changes to the specification after inspection will incur additional costs for which the customer will be responsible.

    How FAI works Avantier

    To illustrate the real-world application, consider the following scenario:

    • Suppose you wish to order a custom lens assembly with a finalized design from Avantier:
    • Option 1: Order 5 units for a pilot build/sample at a unit price of $2,000 each, resulting in a total price of $10,000.
    • Option 2: Order 100 units for production at a unit price of $350 each, resulting in a total price of $35,000.
    • Thanks to our FAI offer, you can now place an order for 100 units at a unit price of $350 each. We will ship you 5 or more units for your testing and quality inspection. Once the FAI is approved, the remainder of the lenses will be shipped. If you encounter any quality issues or incorrect specifications with the FAI samples, we will provide a full refund.

    The advantage of our FAI option is clear: you no longer need to invest $10,000 to test the initial 5 units. Instead, you can assess our quality at production prices ($350 each) before receiving the entire shipment. Rest assured, we offer a worry-free return policy, so you have nothing to lose and everything to gain with Avantier. Contact us today if you’d like to discuss a custom order or your next project.


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