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Large Optics are optical elements exceeding 100mm in diameter.  They excel in delivering exceptional image quality even in challenging conditions, redefining photography and videography. Large optics from Avantier are used in high quality imaging applications such as telescopes and satellite communication. Large optical prisms and optical domes cater to a wide spectrum of optical needs, from clarity to precision and versatility to specific wavelength transmission. Please consult Avantier for custom specifications or an off the shelf product.

Large Optical Lenses: Avantier specializes in crafting a variety of large optical lenses, including spherical, aspherical, and other types, enhancing low-light performance and widening apertures for exceptional results. Prioritizing outstanding optical quality, we minimize aberrations, delivering impressive, professional images. Additionally, we offer large-sized OAP mirrors and domes, meeting diverse customer needs. Engineered for high precision, durability, and innovation, our large lenses feature image stabilization and special coatings.

Large Optics, Large Lens_Diameter 180mm_Hight_40mm
Φ 200mm Spherical Lens

Large Optical Mirrors: Avantier’s precision large reflector mirrors are high-quality, large optical surfaces used for efficient reflection in applications like telescopes, satellite communication, and more. They come in varying sizes, materials, and require precision manufacturing. These mirrors enhance reflection through coatings and are vital in capturing and focusing light or radiation. Their challenges include size and precision maintenance, and ongoing research aims to improve materials and manufacturing techniques.

large size mirror
Φ 300mm Optical Mirror

Large Optical Windows (Visible, IR and UV): Optical windows are flat plates made from optically transparent materials, designed to allow light into optical instruments and protect light sources from external environments. These windows minimize reflection and absorption while maximizing transmission over specific wavelength ranges.

Large Optical Window
Large Optical Window

Large Optical Prisms: Avantier’s Large Prism comes in glass, metal, crystal, and plastic variants, each tailored for specific applications. Glass for clarity, metal for durability, crystal for precision, and plastic for cost-effectiveness. All feature a 99.90% reflective coating, enhancing light control.

Large Optics, Large size prism
Φ 159mm Optical Prism

Large Optical Domes: Avantier’s Optical Domes come in various sizes, including diameters over 100 mm, and offer custom shapes. They selectively transmit specific light wavelengths, with options for visible and ultraviolet light. Materials like BK7, fused silica, acrylic, sapphire, and more cater to different needs, from camera systems to infrared applications. Avantier’s domes excel in versatile viewing directions, minimizing beam deflection and allowing high-performance anti-reflection coatings.

Large Optics
Φ187mm Germanium Optical Dome

Large Optics Materials

Zine selenide, Zinc sulfide, Chalcogenides, and other IR materials as well as Fused Silica, silicon, Germanium, and Sapphire.

Large Optics Application Examples

Certain applications necessitate the use of large optical elements such as mirrors, beam splitters, optical flats, windows, lenses, or diffraction gratings.

  • Optical Elements for Large Telescope Use: For telescopic applications, optical elements play a crucial role in gathering and directing space-derived light to scientific instruments. Major components of the Optical Telescope Element (OTE) per NASA include primary mirrors, secondary mirrors, tertiary mirrors, Thermal Management Subsystem, Aft Deployable ISIM Radiator, Wavefront sensing and control, among others. 
  • Large Optics for Ultrashort Pulse Compressors: Large optics play a critical role in safely compressing ultrashort pulses with high peak power. Their expansive beam cross-sections prevent intense peaks that can damage equipment or cause breakdowns. Efforts are concentrated on streamlining setups to reduce costs and space requirements, achieved through utilizing high-quality optical surfaces with durable coatings to resist light damage. Precision polishing and advanced coating methods such as magnetron or ion beam sputtering are essential. Following fabrication, rigorous tests are conducted to measure the laser-induced damage threshold (LIDT).
  • Large Optical Elements for Imaging Use: High-resolution optical imaging demands very large optical elements for two key reasons. Firstly, diffraction limits achievable angular resolution. A larger input aperture allows capture of finer details, crucial for resolving faint objects. Secondly, a larger aperture gathers more light, enabling shorter exposure times for imaging faint celestial bodies. This minimizes the impact of noise that degrades image quality. Additionally, these systems require extremely high-precision optical surfaces to minimize aberrations and ensure optimal light transmission, ultimately delivering superior image fidelity.
  • Optical Metrology: For large optical elements with stringent specifications, high-precision optical metrology becomes crucial yet challenging. Precise characterization of these optical elements and systems is vital for their optimal performance.

At Avantier, we pride ourselves on upholding the highest standards in manufacturing and optical solutions. Our expertise in the industry ensures that our customers receive products of unmatched quality and performance. We are committed to providing the best optical solutions for your unique requirements. Contact us today to discuss your optical needs and find the perfect optics for your requirements.

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Plan Semi Apochromatic Microscope Objective Lens