Megapixel lenses

At Avantier, we produce high performance custom megapixel lenses for photography, imaging, and machine vision applications. 

Megapixel lenses are essential for high resolution imaging. Whether you want to take your factory automation machine vision to the next level or fit your megapixel cameras with the newest and highest performing type of megapixel lens, we have you covered.

Megapixel lenses
Megapixel lenses

Megapixel Lenses

What Sets Megapixel Lenses Apart

A megapixel lens will contain more elements than an analog imaging lens, and each of these components must be manufactured to tight specifications and fitted precisely.  The result of this careful engineering is a lens with a focal plane spot size that is comparable to (or, preferably,  smaller than) the pixel size on the sensor; a lens that is capable of providing the sharp focus needed for high resolution images.

Megapixel lenses
Megapixel Lenses

Megapixel Lens Specifications

Megapixel lenses can be differentiated in a number of ways.  Specifications for a lens include:

  • Focal length
  • Back focal length
  • Aperture
  • Image format
  • Resolution
  • Interface

The focal length of a megapixel lens is the inverse of its optical power, and is the distance from the lens to where the rays converge. It determines both the angle of view and magnification of the final image. Focal length of megapixel lenses is equivalent to front focal lengths and is given in mm. A back focal length is another important specification,  and is defined as the distance from the last optical surface of the megapixel lens assembly to the rear foil point. 

The aperture of a lens is a number which defines how much light is admitted and can be controlled with a manual iris. Increasing the aperture will increase the depth of field, and a high aperture lenses is essential for low light imaging. 

The image format of a lens should ideally be the same as the image format of the sensor you are using. If you have a 1” sensor, your lens should have a 1” image format minimum. This measurement does not refer to the actual dimensions of the lens; a 1” image format lenses has a diameter of 16 mm. 

Resolution, or resolving power, is measured in megapixels. The higher the resolving power, the higher the megapixel rating will be. 

While a variety of interfaces are available for our custom lenses, most of our clients request a robust S mount interface with a standard screw mount. This interface is also called M12x0.5 in metric size.


Focal Length


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Image Format






Custom Megapixel Lenses at Avantier

Avantier is a one-stop source for custom megapixel lenses. Our high performance megapixel lenses are known for their durability, minimal vignetting, and low distortion. They can be manufactured to any specifications desired, and design services are available on request.  We are also able to provide reverse-engineering services as needed.  Contact Avantier today if you’d like to place a custom order or schedule an introductory consult with our world-class optical design team.


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