Avantier Inc. is a reputable provider of materials, cutting-edge equipment, and optic/component capabilities for custom or OEM optics. We specialize in manufacturing lenses, prisms, windows, wafers, and custom-shaped substrates using high-quality materials such as fused silica, filter glass, Germanium, Silicon, and ZnSe. Our use of advanced techniques and modern equipment ensures efficient production with minimal waste and optimized delivery times. Additionally, our in-house coating facilities offer a wide range of standard and custom coatings for various applications, including anti-reflective designs, reflectors, beamsplitters, and high laser damage threshold coatings. We provide certificates of compliance, material certifications, and inspection reports for precision optics.

Amici Prism – Avantier offers a diverse range of Amici roof prisms, available in various sizes and coating options. Customers can opt for uncoated prisms, those with a single layer of anti-reflective coating on entrance and exit faces, or choose optical prisms with mirror-coated roof faces. The mirror coatings allow these prisms to deviate from 90° angles without encountering limitations posed by total internal reflection. As a type of optical prism, Amici prisms are often used in binoculars and telescopes to correct the orientation of an image.

Right Angle Prisms – Avantier takes pride in crafting high-quality right-angle optical prisms using top-notch materials such as BK7 Grade A optical glass, Corning Fused Silica 7980, JGS1 UV Grade Fused Silica, and JGS2 UV Grade Fused Silica. Our factory adheres to a strict dimension tolerance of +/-0.1 mm, ensuring precise and accurate prisms. These are reflection prisms that change the direction of light by 90 degrees, ideal for applications in imaging systems.

Penta Prisms – At Avantier, we employ cutting-edge metrology equipment to assess the accuracy of the 90-degree azimuthal beam deviation. With our precision instruments, we achieve exceptionally low deviations, enabling us to collaborate with you in creating penta prisms of the utmost precision that meet your desired standards.

Half Penta Prisms – A half penta prism, sometimes called a semi pentaprism or Bauernfeind prism (after German geodesy expert Karl Maxmilian von Baurenfeind), is another type of optical prism produced by Avantier for various applications. These prisms can also deviate light paths but with different geometry compared to full penta prisms.

Light Pipe Homogenizing Rods – At Avantier, we produce custom light pipe homogenizing rods in both square and hexagonal configurations. While a square configuration is standard, a hexagonal configuration has the potential to provide 35% less light loss versus the comparable square configuration.  We also offer tapered light pipe homogenizing rods.

UV Fused Silica Right-Angle Prism – Avantier’s Silica Right Angle Prisms are crafted from UV fused silica, renowned for its minimal thermal expansion and exceptional light transmission across the UV, visible, and NIR spectral ranges. A right-angle prism is a type of optical element that has two perpendicular faces forming a right angle, and one inclined face, usually called the hypotenuse.

Micro Prisms – Micro prisms are very small versions of optical prisms, typically 0.1-5mm in size. They are used with optical fibers, to direct light from one channel to another accurately. They are also used in photography as a focusing aid.  At Avantier, we produce high performance custom microprisms and microsprismatic arrays. 

Corner Cube Prisms – A corner cube prism, also known as a retroreflector or CCR (Corner Cube Retroreflector), is an important optical component with a unique property: it reflects an incoming beam of light back toward its source, regardless of the angle at which the light enters.

Dove Prisms – A Dove Prism is a specialized optical component utilized across diverse fields such as astronomy, interferometry, and pattern recognition. Possessing distinctive attributes, this prism is adept at rotation, retroreflection (the reflection of an image back to its source), and image inversion. 

Custom Cemented Prisms – Avantier specializes in offering customized prisms and excels in precision bonding of customized designs. Our expertise extends from basic bonding to cementing multiple elements, accompanied by comprehensive testing reports that meticulously assess key specifications, including angles, surface accuracy, and coating measurements.

Polygon Shaped Prisms – A polygon-shaped prism is a three-dimensional geometric figure that has two polygonal bases. The rectangular or parallelogram faces connect the corresponding sides of the two bases, forming the side faces of the prism.

Dispersion prisms, such as triangular prisms, are used to separate white light into its constituent colors (wavelengths) by refraction. Avantier produces dispersion prisms that can accurately separate different wavelengths of light, which are critical in spectroscopy and other optical analysis applications.

Optical prisms, which are transparent solid optics with highly polished flat surfaces, play a crucial role in manipulating light. They refract light as it enters through one surface and exits through another, with their function determined by factors such as the angles between surfaces and their positions. These prisms have diverse applications, including light reflection, path alteration, image orientation change, and separation of light into different wavelengths or polarizations. 

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