Improving Signal-to-Noise Ratio in Flow Cytometer Optics
Key Takeaways:Flow cytometry is a method for studying cells using fluorescent tagging and optical analysis as they flow past a Read more
spherical mirrors
Key Takeaways: Spherical mirrors come in two types – concave and convex, with distinct curvatures that affect how light rays Read more
photonic integrated circuit, optical ic
Key Takeaways: Photonic Integrated Circuits (PICs) use photons instead of electrons for faster and more efficient data processing.   PICs find Read more
fluorescence-lifetime imaging
Key Takeaways FLIM Advances Diagnostics: FLIM offers precise views of living cells and proteins, aiding diagnoses and enhancing understanding of Read more
Aspheric Lens
 Product Highlights:Aspheric lenses correct spherical aberration, improving image quality. They feature varying curvature, unlike spherical lenses and spherical elements enhancing, Read more
Merits and Demerits of Achromatic Lenses
      Key TakeawaysAchromatic lenses, or achromats, correct chromatic aberration in optical systems by aligning specific wavelengths.Comprising two or more Read more
Microlens Arrays
    Key TakeawaysThe project focuses on microlens arrays, which arrange multiple lenses on a substrate for precise light control in Read more
Replacing Spherical Lens with Aspheric Lens
      Key TakeawaysAspheric lenses possess a variable radius of curvature, allowing for a gradual change in shape that corrects Read more
Two Aspheric Cemented Lenses for Enhanced Image Clarity in Ophthalmic Examinations
      Key TakeawaysAvantier manufactures a two-aspheric cemented lens by combining two aspheric lenses, which corrects aberrations and enhances optical Read more
Concave and Convex Mirrors
Understanding Concave and Convex Mirrors: A Simple GuideMirrors can either have a plane surface or a curved surface. These two Read more