Custom Optics and Custom Optical Components

Avantier Inc. offers a wide range of materials, cutting edge equipment, and optic and component capabilities for custom or OEM optics and components. We have over 50 years of expertise in custom optics and custom optical component of manufacturing lenses, prisms, windows, wafers, and custom-shaped substrates using materials such as UV grade fused silica, industrial grade fused silica, IR grade fused silica, filter glass, Germanium, Silicon, ZnSe, and more. Avantier employs the latest techniques and modern equipment to minimize waste and optimize delivery times, and our in-house coating facilities allow us to provide standard and custom coatings, including single layer MgF2 and broadband anti-reflective designs, reflectors, beamsplitters, high laser damage threshold coatings, and customized dielectrics for the UV-NIR spectrum. Avantier provides certificates of compliance and material certifications for all orders, and we have inspection reports available for our precision optics. Contact Avantier Inc. for your next custom order and experience our personal treatment of each customer that has allowed us to keep many of their OEM partners for many years.

Custom Aspheric Lenses
Custom Aspheric Lenses
Custom Double Convex Lens
Custom Double Convex Lens
Custom Optical Dome
Custom Optical Dome

Custom Optics and Custom Optical Component Capabilities:


Aspheric Lenses:

Laser Aspheric Lens, Germanium Aspheric Lenses


Spherical Lenses:

Optical Domes, Biconvex/Double Convex Lenses, Plano-Convex Lenses, Plano-Concave Lenses, Ball Lenses


Other Optical Lenses:

Achromatic Lenses, Acylindrical Lenses, Cylindrical Lenses,  IR Lenses, Germanium Lenses, Rod Lenses, UV Lenses,  Fresnel Lens


Optical Prisms:

Amici Prisms, Right Angle Prisms, Penta Prisms, Light Pipes and Homogenizing Rods, UV Fused Silica Right-Angle Prism, Half Penta Prism, Micro Prism, Corner Cube Prism, Dove Prism, Custom Cemented Prism, Polygon-Shaped Prism, Precision Penta Prism


Optical Filters: 

OD4.0 Notch Filters, OD6.0 Notch Filters, Dichroic Filters, Bandpass Filters, Band-Pass Filter Glass, Narrow Bandpass Filters, Shortpass Filters, Fluorescence Filters, Raman Filter, Optical Bandpass Filters, Neutral Density Filters, Laser Line Filters

Optical Filter Glass (Optical Glass Filters, Band-Pass Filter Glass, Color Temperature Insulating Filter Glass, Comparative Type List of Colored Filter Glass)


Optical Mirrors:

Off-Axis Parabolic MirrorsAspheric Mirrors, Convex Spherical Mirrors, Right Angle Mirrors, Precision Reflectors, Spherical Mirrors, IR Mirrors, Ultra-Broadband Metallic Mirrors, Silicon Carbide Mirrors, Copper and Aluminium Mirrors, High Reflectivity Mirrors, Dichroic Mirrors, Laser Line Mirrors, Hot and Cold Mirrors, Concave Mirrors, Convex Mirrors, Metallic Mirrors, Broadband Dielectric Mirrors


Optical Windows:

BK7 Windows, CaF2 Windows, Fused Silica Windows, MgF2 Windows, Sapphire Windows, Metalized Sapphire Windows, Fused Quartz Windows, Precision Large-Sized Reflector Substrates


Large Optics:

Large Lenses, Large Mirrors (Precision Large Sized Reflector Substrates), Large Optical Windows, Large Prisms, Large Domes


Micro Optics:

Micro Optics, Freeform Optics, Micro Waveplates, Micro PBS (Micro Polarization Beam Combiner/Splitter ), Microspheres



Dichroic Beamsplitters, Dichroic Polarizer, Polarizing Beamsplitters, Non-Polarizing Beamsplitters, Laser Line Polarizing Cube Beamsplitters, Laser Line Polarizing Plate Beamsplitter, Laser Line Non-Polarizing Plate Beamsplitter, Narrowband Beamsplitter Cube,


Laser Optics:

Laser Lenses, Laser Aspheric Lens, Laser Line Polarizing Plate Beamsplitter, Laser Line Non-Polarizing Plate BeamsplitterLaser Line Filters, BBO Crystals, YAG Crystals


IR (Infrared) Optics:

Germanium Lens, Germanium Windows, Si Spherical Lens, ZnSe Lenses, ZnSe Windows


Other Optics:

Micro Optics, Freeform Optics, Micro Waveplates, Micro PBS (Micro Polarization Beam Combiner/Splitter ), MicrospheresInfrared (IR) Optics, Polymer Optics, Axicon Lenses, Powell Lenses


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