Avantier excels in crafting and producing personalized beamsplitters, seamlessly spanning the journey from prototyping to large-scale manufacturing. Our expertise empowers diverse applications, harnessing light manipulation for purposes such as microscopy, lasers, and imaging. Discover a dedicated partner in Avantier for tailored optical solutions at any production stage.

  1. Ratio and Polarization Insensitivity: These beamsplitters exhibit a balanced 50% Reflectance (R) and 50% Transmittance (T) ratio, evenly dividing the incident laser beam into two beams of equal intensity. Moreover, they are engineered to disregard input beam polarization, offering an advantage when maintaining laser light polarization isn’t essential for the application.
  2. Multiple Sizes: Available in three sizes – 12.5mm and 25mm diameters, along with a 50mm square variant – these beamsplitters provide adaptability for seamless integration into diverse optical configurations.
  3. High Power Endurance: Engineered to endure high-powered laser beams, these beamsplitters are resilient against potential damage. This feature is crucial in laser applications where light intensity is notably elevated.
  4. Enhanced Coating: Employing a high-efficiency anti-reflective (AR) V-coating, the beamsplitter’s surface coating diminishes reflective losses, substantially enhancing overall performance.
  5. Superior Substrate: Crafted from precision excimer-grade UV-grade fused silica, the substrate forms the beamsplitter’s foundation. Renowned for exceptional optical properties, this material boasts low auto-fluorescence and thermal stability. With a surface quality of 10-5 (remarkably smooth) and a parallelism of 3 arc seconds (precisely aligned surfaces), the substrate ensures top-tier performance.
  6. Uncoated Options: Alongside coated beamsplitters, uncoated substrate choices are available in both 12.5mm and 25mm sizes. These uncoated substrates provide versatility for custom coatings or specific applications that necessitate a lack of coating.
Laser Line Polarizing Plate Beamsplitter
Laser Line Polarizing Plate Beamsplitter

These versatile laser line plate beamsplitters serve as indispensable optical elements for laser applications. Our attributes – including the 50R/50T ratio, polarization insensitivity, size options, durability against intense laser power, premium coatings, and superior substrate quality – position them perfectly for integration into a variety of laser systems and configurations, delivering precision and unwavering reliability. The utilization of high-caliber substrate materials further bolsters their performance and stability.

If you have more questions about aspheric lenses, don’t hesitate to contact us. Our experienced optical designers are always available to discuss a custom order.

Factory Standard


Grade Fused Silica, JGS1, JGS2


+0.00 / -0.10mm

Surface Quality


Surface Flatness (P-V)


Clear Aperture (%)


Beam Deviation (arc sec)


Laser Line Polarizing Plate Beamsplitter
Laser Line Polarizing Plate Beamsplitter
Laser Line Polarizing Plate Beamsplitter
Laser Line Polarizing Plate Beamsplitter


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