Innovative Imaging Systems Solutions

At Avantier, we have the expertise needed to bring your ideas to life. Whether you are looking for image processing solutions, optical lens assembly, optical design, optical engineering solutions, opto-mechanical design, optical metrology, rapid optical prototyping, or reverse optical engineering, we are ready to come alongside and get you where you need to go.

With more than fifty years of experience designing, producing, and fine-tuning high performance optics, our team has the experience you’ve been looking for. We’ve produced optical components and assemblies for Aerospace & Defense, AR/MR/VR, Automobiles, biomedical research Medical Applications, and Life Science research as well as many other Industrial and research applications. Our clients know they can count on us to provide innovative solutions for whatever challenges may be facing them.

Optical Systems Solution Services

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Optical Lens Assembly
Optical Design
Optical Engineering
Opto-Mechanical Design
Optical Metrology
Rapid Optical Prototyping
Reverse Optical Engineering

Optical Solutions at Avantier

Our teams have designed, modified, and produced imaging processing solutions for a wide variety of applications. From optical microscopy systems through spectroscopy, ophthalmoscopy and optical coherence tomography, we can walk you through the design and manufacturing process and provide you with every optical component you need.

We are experts in optical lens assembly of every kind, including opto-electrical and opto-mechanical designs. Extensive in-house manufacturing capabilities and the ability to source any substrate that is available anywhere worldwide gives our optical engineers unique flexibility as they work to design or assemble an optical design.

Rapid optical prototyping means you are no longer bound by outdated timelines that leave you in limbo while you wait for the first prototypes to test your ideas. Depending on the circumstances, we can use in-stock components (modified or as-is) or use techniques like CAD (computer aided design) and laser processing to quickly create a custom component that fits your needs. 

Our optical design team uses design for manufacturing (DFM) to ensure that our solutions not only perform as desired, they can also be produced in a cost-effective manner with reasonable turnaround times.  Other companies may help you find a great solution that leaves you bankrupt, but we work with you to find an optimal solution that works with your timeline and budget. 

But there is no compromise on quality at Avantier.  State-of-the-art metrology enables us to test and double test every optical solution we produce before it leaves our production facility, and we guarantee that every optical lens and component meets or exceeds all applicable standards. 

Comprehensive testing can be done by instruments such as the Zygo Verifier Interferometer and the Zygo DinaFiz Interferometer (which measures surface accuracy of plano or spherical surfaces), the TriOptics MTF station (that provides full optical system characterization), the TriOptics OptiCentric 100 Dual (which tests complex lens objectives) and the Shimadzu Spectrometer (which measures transmission and reflection data). 

Sometimes you need to work backward from an already existing design, improving or customizing the optical system for your own application. Our reverse optical engineering team can help you do this, working backward from an existing lens or optical system to create a unique design custom-made for you. This is ideal for those who need to replace an off-the-shelf product which is no longer in stock or are looking for an improvement to what they currently use.


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