Convex Spherical Mirrors

Avantier appears to be a reputable manufacturer of convex spherical mirrors, providing high-quality optical components for various applications. Here’s a breakdown of the information provided:

Convex Spherical Mirrors
Convex Spherical Mirrors

Convex Spherical Mirrors

Convex Spherical Mirrors:

  • These mirrors curve inward away from the incident light.
  • They are available in various diameters and focal lengths.
  • Ideal for imaging applications, particularly for expanding the field of view in imaging systems.

Understanding Convex Spherical Mirrors:

  • Convex mirrors have a portion of a spherical geometry.
  • Both incident light and the viewer are outside the sphere.
  • The center of curvature is at the center of the extended sphere.
  • The line between the real image and the center of curvature is the optical axis.
  • The image is virtual and appears between the focal point and the mirror.
  • The image is always reduced in size and upright.
  • Small spherical mirrors exhibit little spherical aberration and may approximate ideal parabolic mirrors.
  • Mirrors with shorter focal lengths have a wider field of view.

Coating and Substrate:

  • Convex Spherical Mirrors are made from high-quality materials, including BK7 Grade A optical glass, Corning Fused Silica 7980, JGS1, and JGS2.
  • BK7 offers high refractive index homogeneity and uniform transmission in the visible spectrum.
  • Corning Fused Silica 7980 has low thermal expansion and good ultraviolet transmittance.
  • JGS1 is high-quality ultraviolet-grade fused silica with low thermal expansion and excellent UV transmission.
  • Mirrors are coated with metallic coatings, such as enhanced aluminum for visible spectrum applications and protected gold for NIR, MWIR, and LWIR spectra.

Convex Spherical Mirror Factory Standards:

Avantier employs state-of-the-art metrology equipment to ensure quality. Factory standard convex spherical mirrors have:

Surface Flatness


Diameter Tolerance

+0, -0.1mm

Clear Aperture

90% of the diameter

Surface Quality



Avantier offers customization options and can work with customers to meet specific manufacturing limits or custom specifications. We manufacture both concave and convex mirrors and have design specialists available for consultation.

Overall, Avantier appears to provide a range of convex spherical mirrors with different material options, coatings, and customization capabilities, making them a suitable choice for various optical applications. Please contact Avantier if you’d like to schedule a consultation or request for quote on your next project.


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