Industrial Optics

Avantier Inc. is a premier provider of industrial optics for enterprises worldwide. From machine vision to augmented reality, from remote visual inspection to high-power processing, our optical assemblies form the bedrock of hundreds of different industrial applications.

The Role of Optics in Industrial Manufacturing

In recent years manufacturing has been transformed by the adaption of optics in new and innovative ways. Optics can be used both to enhance existing manufacturing workflows as well as to open new frontiers. Contactless probing and processing enable factories to view, elucidate and even change the properties of a component from a distance of from the other side of an isolating window. Scanning machinery can provide a bird’s eye view of extremely large areas, and light can guide automated tools to work precisely in minuscule parts. 

Types of Industrial Optics Produced By Avantier

At Avantier we are well-equipped to both design and manufacture high quality optics for a wide range of industrial purposes. From rapid prototyping to small scale production to volume production, our firm has the flexibility to get it done. We produce both optics used for inspection and control as well as those act directly on a product to change its properties and complete a step in manufacturing. Industrial optics produced by Avantier Inc. include:

  • Fiber optics
  • Optical sensors
  • Machine vision
  • Metrology equipment
  • Laser materials processing assemblies
  • Photolithography assemblies

Examples of Industrial Optics in Action

Photolithography involves using light to create precisely patterned thin films over a substrate (often silicon). This protects the substrate during later implantation, deposition, or etching steps. Either ultraviolet, deep ultraviolet, extreme ultraviolet, or X-ray light may be used; the type of light used is chosen based on the minimum feature size required. 

Since lithography can create precise, very small patterns (patterns that might be just 20 nanometers in size) it is used in the production of microprocessors, solid-state memory and other microelectromechanical systems. 

Laser materials processing is another example of industrial optics in action, and can be used in anything from macroscopic processing (metal drilling, for instance) to micromachining of parts from 1 mm down to 1 μm and even submicron processing (usually of semiconductors). Industrial laser processing is a fast growing field, and optical advances are enabling higher precision results with an almost polished quality.

Optical-based metrology includes interferometry, spectroscopy, fiber-optic and integrated-optics-based optical micro sensors, and video and microscopy systems. Optical metrology can provide real time feedback and is, by its nature, both nondestructive and contactless. The market for optoelectronic sensing equipment is fast growing, and the development of smarter sensors and more 3D imaging solutions is currently underway.

Industrial Optics Design at Avantier

Optical engineers and designers at Avantier Inc. have over 5 decades of experience in producing industrial optics. We produce individual components as well as optical systems used to perform manufacturing and those used to control manufacturing. We partner with large enterprises which need dependable volume production as well as with small businesses and individuals who require a single specialized part or assembly. We can work with you at any stage of the process, from concept design through prototyping and ultimately production. Please contact us for more information on our manufacturing capabilities or to set up a free consultation or request for quote.


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