Zygo DynaFiz Laser Interferometers

Optical Metrology by Avantier

Avantier Inc. leverages advanced optical metrology techniques, which involve utilizing light for measurement purposes, encompassing various applications such as assessing light properties or utilizing it to measure parameters like temperature, dimensions, or object distance. Our precision optical components and systems undergo rigorous inspection using state-of-the-art metrology equipment, ensuring adherence to customer specifications and industry standards. We provide comprehensive inspection reports, material certificates, and coating curves as needed, ensuring compliance with international measurement standards throughout production. Our commitment to meeting customer requirements extends from raw material procurement to final production, maintaining strict control and monitoring in line with ISO: 9001 standards.

Zygo DynaFiz Laser Interferometers
Zygo DynaFiz Laser Interferometers

Zygo DynaFiz Laser Interferometers

Avantier employs the Zygo DynaFiz Laser Interferometers as a cornerstone of its Optical Metrology services, leveraging its advanced features to ensure precision and reliability in measurement processes. Here’s how Avantier utilizes this interferometer and why it’s crucial for metrology

Key Features

  • Fully Coherent Optical Design

Avantier utilizes the DynaFiz’s meticulously crafted optical design to maximize light efficiency and achieve exceptional dynamic performance. This coherence ensures unparalleled accuracy, allowing Avantier to analyze complex optical systems and assess minute details with precision.

  • Metrology Options for Vibration-Prone Environments

The DynaFiz offers innovative metrology options, such as QPSI™ Technology and DynaPhase™ Instantaneous Data Acquisition, which are specifically designed for challenging environments. Avantier relies on these technologies to obtain reliable measurements even in the presence of vibrations, ensuring consistency and accuracy in real-world operating conditions.

  • LivePhase™ Acquisition for Real-Time Alignment Monitoring

Avantier utilizes LivePhase™ to actively monitor alignment adjustments in real-time, providing crucial feedback for maintaining optimal performance of optical systems. This feature is essential for ensuring continuous precision and reliability in metrology processes.

  • Movie Mode: Capturing Dynamic Phenomena

Avantier takes advantage of Movie Mode to capture dynamic events and intricate details at an impressive rate of up to 82 frames per second. This capability allows Avantier to analyze transient optical effects or mechanical motion, providing valuable insights for troubleshooting and optimization.

  • ZYGO-Made HeNe Laser Source

Avantier relies on the ZYGO HeNe laser source for its longevity, enhanced vibration performance, and precise wavelength stability. This reliable laser source ensures consistent and accurate measurements across various conditions, essential for maintaining quality standards in metrology services.

  • Discrete Optical Zoom Turret

Avantier utilizes the DynaFiz’s discrete optical zoom turret to improve resolution, enabling detailed examination of fine structures and surface irregularities. This feature provides the clarity necessary for precise measurement and analysis.

  • Coherent Artifact Reduction System (CARS)

Avantier benefits from CARS to eliminate artifacts and reduce coherent noise, enhancing measurement reliability by up to 10 times. This ensures that Avantier’s metrology processes produce accurate and consistent results, meeting the stringent requirements of its customers and industry standards.

System Overview

Measurement Capability

Measures surface form of reflective materials and optics, and transmitted wavefront of transparent optics

Measurement Techniques

PSI – temporal phase-shifting interferometry

QPSI – vibration robust temporal phase-shifting interferometry

DynaPhase™ – vibration insensitive instantaneous interferometry

Alignment System

DynaPhase alignment wizard with integrated calibration

Quick Fringe Acquisition System (QFAS) with twin spot reticle for PSI

Test Beam Diameter

4 inch (102 mm) or 6 inch (152 mm)

Alignment FOV

4 inches: ±3 degrees

6 inches: ±2 degrees

Optical Centerline

4.25 in. (108 mm)

Camera Details

Resolution: 1200 x 1200 /600 x 600 pixels

Frame Rate: 50 Hz /82 Hz

Digitization: 10 bits


1X Fixed (1-50X digital);

3 Position Zoom Turret 1X/1.7X/3X (option)


Nominally circular (1.2:1 or better)

Pupil Focus Range

4 inches: ±2 m

6 inches: ±4.5 m

Computer and Software

High-performance Dell PC, Windows 10 64-bit and Mx software

Mounting Configuration

Horizontal or vertical

Remote Control

Wired and wireless remote with common interferometer function controls


CARS (Coherent Artifact Suppression)- minimizes artifacts from wavefront shearing, speckle, or mottle

Size (LWH)

69 x 31 x 34 cm

(27.3 x 12.1 x 13.4 in.)


≤90 lb (41 kg)


RMS Simple Repeatability

3 <0.06 nm, λ/10,000 (2δ)

RMS Wavefront Repeatability

Dynamic: <1.0 nm, λ/600 (mean + 2δ)

PSI/QPSI: <0.25 nm, λ/2500 (mean + 2δ)

Peak Pixel Deviation

Dynamic:<2.0 nm, λ/300 (99.5 th %)

PSI/QPSI: <0.5 nm, λ/1200 (99.5 th %)

Fringe Resolution

Dynamic: 250 fringes (all magnifications)

PSI/QPSI: 500 fringes (all magnifications)

Exposure Time

12 μsec (minimum)


Real-time phase with Zernike fit

Phase Movies

Records events ≤82 frames/sec and

generates AVI movie and raw data file

External Movie Trigger

TTL signal

Avantier’s utilization of the ZYGO DynaFiz Laser Interferometers exemplifies its ability to provide suitable Metrology Services, owing to its fully coherent optical design ensuring exceptional dynamic performance, metrology options for vibration-prone environments, real-time alignment monitoring with LivePhase™ Acquisition, Movie Mode for capturing dynamic phenomena, ZYGO-made HeNe Laser Source with a longer lifespan and precise wavelength stability, discrete optical zoom turret for improved resolution, and Coherent Artifact Reduction System (CARS) ensuring measurement reliability.

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