Optics for AR/VR/MR

Avantier Inc. is a premier producer of AR/VR/MR optics: augmented reality, virtual reality and mixed reality.  The global augmented virtual and mixed reality optics and display market is fast growing, and optical design and manufacturing is key to its ultimate success.

In virtual reality (VR), reality is replaced with a completely new 3D digital environment. Augmented reality (AR) involves overlaying digital content on the real world, and mixed reality (MR) contains superimposed digital content that interacts to some degree with the real world and environment.


The Role of Optics in AR/VR/MR

Although the role of telecommunications, computer coding and graphics design in AR devices, VR and MR is well known, it is optics that are at the heart of successful spatial reality experiences and which can make or break AR/VR/MR devices.

When using AR/VR or MR, a viewer sees the real world through specialized optics that augment or change his experience. If these optics cause problems such as God Rays, Rainbow Effect, or vergence-accommodation issues, the UX will be marred and viewers could be turned off from the whole concept of virtual reality. A heavy, thick headpiece will also detract from good VR experiences. Advances in optical metrology are making it possible, with a carefully designed system, to avoid these problems.

Fresnel Lenses

In VR devices the chief optics used today are fresnel lenses, especially when you look at higher-end devices. For these, a light head mount display is critical and where minimizing eye-position dependent distortion is key. As these distortions can cause motion sickness, making them particularly frustrating for end-users, eliminating them is of great importance.

Unlike the basic lenses traditionally used in viewfinders, a fresnel lens is made from optical plastics with concentric rings carved into it at precise intervals. These lenses have a large aperture and short focal length.  The rings engraved in the surface divide the lens into concentric sections; essentially, a series of surfaces with the same curvature separated by discontinuity. Light is bent differently depending on what part of the lens it hits.

At Avantier, we produce high quality Fresnel lenses by injection molding. Careful attention to spatial frequencies allow us to minimize the stray light of the system as well as optimize the optical performance, and we can work with you to design the ideal lens to fit your application .

AR/VR/MR Optics at Avantier

But a Fresnel lens is only one example of an optic critical to virtual reality that we produce at Avantier, Inc. Our state of the art factory and innovative design team enables us to   manufacture a wide variety of AR/VR/MR optics, AR/MR micro-displays, and VR micro-displays. Whether you need freeform optics, lenses, prisms, beamsplitters, or mirrors, we have the capability to produce what you need for your application.

Whatever your display type, we’d love to come alongside you and provide the optical design and optical components you need to give your viewers an optimal experience, helping you break boundaries and be the first one into the future. Please contact us if you’d like to schedule a free consultation or request for quote on a custom AR/VR/MR project.

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