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Case Study: Two-Aspheric Cemented Lenses for Enhanced Image Clarity in Ophthalmic Examinations

       Key Takeaways Avantier manufactures a two-aspheric cemented lens by combining two aspheric lenses, which corrects aberrations and enhances optical performance.  Specifically designed for innovative eyepieces in ophthalmic examinations, these lenses excel in minimizing distortions to improve image quality and clarity, making them suitable for various fields.  The project focused on achieving high […]

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Case Study – Double-Convex Aspheric Lens

       Key Takeaways Double-Convex Aspheric lens designed for diverse light, especially underwater.  Tailored optical system for > 500mm wavelengths. Petite <3mm double-convex lenses crafted in N-BK7 or N-SF11. Achieved <10mm underwater focus, breaking norms.  Precision engineering for <3mm diameter using CNC grinding, glass molding, diamond turning, MRF finishing, and injection molding.  Tested underwater […]

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