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Metallic Mirror Coatings

Anti-Reflective (AR) Coatings and Metal Film Coatings for Mirrors The article has already covered various types of coatings. In this particular piece, our focus will shift towards delving into the specifics of AR coatings and metal film coatings, particularly in the context of mirrors. In this article, we will delve into Metallic Mirror Coatings: The process […]

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Newly Purchased UV Curing Equipment

This newly improved technology applies specific optical adhesive or UV-sensitive paint under strong ultraviolet exposure for instant curing. This application is widely used in optical adhering, etching plus paint filling filed. This high efficiency technology is free from contamination and energy saving. With newly purchased high-power UV curing station (high power 2X3KW UV lamps), controllable […]

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Newly Purchased ZYGO Verifire XP Interferometer

Avantier Inc has just recently purchased a brand new ZYGO’s VeriFire XP interferometer system, it provides fast high-accuracy measurements of flat or spherical surfaces, and transmitted wavefront measurement of optical components and assemblies. The VeriFire XP uses the precision of phase modulation to show fine measurement detail on your parts with excellent accuracy and repeatability. ZYGO’s […]

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