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Case study: F-Theta Lens

     Key Takeaways This article discusses an innovative F-theta lens design that incorporates a compensating element in front of the image to expand the field of view. The central focus of the project involves enhancing performance for low-energy laser applications through the utilization of a quartz design that capitalizes on the distinctive characteristics of […]

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Monitoring Camera Case Study

Avantier’s Innovative Dual-Band Camera Revolutionizes Surveillance for a Company  Introduction A leading organization in the field of security and monitoring, partnered with Avantier to develop an advanced dual-band camera. This collaboration aimed to address the unique requirements of forest fire prevention and border and coastal monitoring, providing innovative solutions for their surveillance needs. This case […]

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Case Study: Infrared Lens Design

  Design for Manufacturing (DFM) Case Study: Infrared Lens Design for Scientific Equipment At Avantier we offer Design for Manufacturing (DFM services), optimizing product design with our extensive knowledge of manufacturing constraints, costs, and methods. Measuring the relative concentrations of carbon monoxide, products of combustion and unburned hydrocarbons is the basis of flare monitoring and […]

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