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Case Study: High NA Objective Lens

Case Study:High NA Objective Lens Avantier’s Innovative Approach to Custom High NA Objective for Microscope Manufacturer Avantier, a custom optic company, addressed a microscope manufacturer’s challenge by developing a custom high NA long working distance objective. Their innovative approach included the use of a Fused Silica chamber filled with liquid instead of a traditional block […]

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Case Study – Fisheye Lenses

     Key Takeaways A scientific institute faced distortion and chromatic aberration issues in high-performance lenses, affecting image quality and accuracy for scientific observation. Avantier crafted a fisheye lens with controlled F-θ distortion (<2%) and chromatic aberration (<0.04mm). The lens ensured accurate target acquisition and maintained high image quality, eliminating the need for distortion correction. […]

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On-Orbit Satellite Imaging Case Study

Background of the Product Development: Satellites play a critical role in modern communication, Earth observation, and scientific research. For on-orbit satellites, the optical systems used are of utmost importance in capturing high-quality images and data. However, designing optical systems for space applications is fraught with challenges. Size limitations, the need for a large field of […]

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