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Case Study: Germanium Optical Dome for Drone

Key Takeaways: The Optical Dome, particularly those crafted from Germanium, stands as a pivotal component in enhancing the capabilities of drones and other optical systems across various domains.  Its significance is underscored by its ability to safeguard sensitive optical instruments while ensuring minimal impact on performance.  Optics for drone, including infrared cameras, benefit greatly from […]

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Case study: High Precision Domes under High Pressure

Key Takeaways: The optical dome, a critical component in optical systems, features two dome-shaped surfaces that preserve optical performance while shielding cameras and sensors.  Material choice, curvature, coatings, and environmental resilience are key considerations in its design.  Avantier’s project involved optimizing and manufacturing three domes for high-pressure and temperature-differential environments.  This project employed precise materials […]

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