Key Takeaways:

  • The triplet apochromat lens offers superior image quality with minimal chromatic aberration and is suitable for various fields including photography, astronomy, and medicine.
  • As a lens in VR headsets, it reduces chromatic aberration, providing users with clearer, more immersive experiences for gaming and virtual tourism.
  • Its compact design and exceptional imaging make it ideal for AR, VR, and MR headsets, as it enhances experiences in gaming, education, and training simulations.
  • Utilizing CNC machining and advanced polishing, it meets strict shape and surface accuracy requirements for improved optical performance.

Case Study: Triplet Apochromat Lens used in VR headset



This triplet apochromat lens includes an aspheric convex lens, a double concave lens, and double convex lenses. This design has a better imaging effect and smaller size. Renowned for its clear, sharp images, excellent color reproduction, and good contrast, this lens finds wide applications across various fields, including but not limited to photography, astronomy, biology, and medicine. The design of the triplet apochromat lens aims to minimize chromatic aberration, resulting in high-quality, virtually chromatic aberration-free images. Although its design may be slightly more complex, its performance advantages and versatility still make it a cost-effective, stable, and unique application.

Project Overview

This triplet apochromat lens is used in VR (virtual reality) headsets to provide optimal image quality. Its carefully designed construction significantly reduces chromatic aberration, ensuring users experience clearer and more realistic visuals in virtual environments. The selection of this high-performance lens makes the VR (virtual reality) headset a market leader, delivering unparalleled immersive experiences and visual enjoyment for users. Whether for gaming, movie-watching, or virtual tourism, users can immerse themselves as if they were truly there. This premium lens technology ensures users can fully enjoy the virtual world, bringing them much fun and satisfaction.

Design & Manufacturer

Different from traditional spherical cemented lenses, this triplet apochromat lens incorporates both spherical and aspherical surfaces, as shown in the diagram. The optical components of the device consist of a spherical surface S1, S2 being aspherical, and S3 being spherical. The edges of the aspherical surfaces S2 are specially designed, with strict requirements on the manufacturing process. Considering that S2 are two surfaces with high demands for aspherical surfaces, as they require high-precision surface shapes and seamless cementation, we have adopted an integrated molding and bonding process to ensure product quality.

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The optical elements  convex lens, a double concave lens, and double convex lenses are critical components of the device. The unique design of the edges of aspherical surfaces S2 demands strict requirements on the manufacturing process in terms of shape and surface quality. To ensure optimal optical performance, a series of precision manufacturing processes have been employed. Avantier has CNC machining equipment with higher precision and higher aspherical polishing equipment such as the Satisloh SPS-200. Firstly, the CNC machines owned by Avantier can cut, shape, and process the optical elements’ shapes and sizes more accurately according to the design specifications. This precision machining ensures that the geometric shapes of the optical components meet the requirements and exceed the expected optical performance. Secondly, aspherical polishing equipment such as the Satisloh SPS-200 is specifically designed for processing aspherical optical surfaces. Aspherical optical elements have complex curvatures and curves, making them more difficult to process than spherical elements. The Satisloh SPS-200 utilizes advanced polishing technology to achieve high-precision processing and polishing on optical surfaces, ensuring that the surface quality of optical components reaches optimal levels. This equipment can eliminate defects on optical surfaces and minimize scattering and losses in optical systems, thereby improving optical performance and imaging quality.

In the optical design, the aspherical surfaces impose high requirements on their shape and surface accuracy. Furthermore, ensuring a perfect fit without any minute gaps between them adds another challenge. To address this complexity, we have introduced an integrated molding and bonding manufacturing process.

Features and Applications 

Featuring a compact design and unparalleled imaging capabilities, this lens stands as the pinnacle choice for AR, VR, and MR headsets. 

Crafted with user immersion in mind, its design facilitates complete submersion into vibrant virtual realms, promising a heightened and captivating visual journey. Its versatility extends to various applications, including gaming, education, training simulations, and beyond, where users can delve into interactive experiences with unparalleled depth and realism. Whether exploring virtual worlds, enhancing learning environments, or engaging in immersive training scenarios, this lens ensures a rich and captivating visual experience that transcends boundaries.


In conclusion, the triplet apochromat lens represents a remarkable advancement in optical technology. It offers exceptional image quality and versatility across a wide range of applications. Its stable construction, cost-effectiveness, and ease of manufacture make it a preferred choice for various fields such as photography, astronomy, biology, and medicine. When integrated into VR headsets, this lens elevates the immersive experience, providing users with clearer and more realistic visuals free from chromatic aberration. With its ability to transport users into vivid virtual environments, this lens redefines the boundaries of virtual reality, offering unparalleled immersion and visual enjoyment.


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